Author Topic: Why oh why doe class lists sort by First Name??????  (Read 559 times)

September 10, 2014, 12:04:59 PM
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The folks who will ultimately use this technology are teachers. Everything that we do is sorted alphabetically by last name. When you look at a class list on the system it sorts by first name....
Aaron Mxxxx
Brandon Exxxx
Christina Axxxx
Dana Cxxxx
Dana Sxxxx
Dean Txxx
Emily Sxxxx
Erin Hxxx

If the system would by default sort by last name I would not be required to enter students manually with a 2 digit number as a first name, and a LastName, FirstName as the last name. The import template (which is in theory an Excel workbook treats all fields as cells), actually appears to treat as if it is a .csv file, so the LastName, FirstName gets treated as 2 separate fields

01 BXXXX, Nick
02 CXXXX, Wawa
03 FXXX, Brendan
04 FXXXX, Johnny
05 GXXXX, Eric
06 GXXXX, Julia

Way too much time needs to be spent jury rigging something that should be a system default.

September 27, 2014, 09:02:30 AM
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Yes, yes, yes. I am struggling to get the information out of the app because of this. It is so frustrating to not just be able to go down the list and type them into our electronic gradebook. I have to either search on one or the other.

Also, this ties right into the export option too. I can export and then sort them in Excel, but then they are all lumped into one class. I teach three different sections and some of my colleagues teach six sections. Then we have to still search for students in each section.

We should be able to see grades by each class and in alphabetical order by last name. Nothing is organized by first name in education.