Author Topic: Crowd source the new Quick Key Scanner  (Read 932 times)

November 02, 2014, 03:55:25 PM
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As you all know we are always trying to improve Quick Key, sometimes we do a better job than others, but with your help we will continue to grow and make Quick Key better.

We are requesting members of this community to take pictures of any tickets that you are having trouble scanning and post them in reply to this thread. This will allow our developers to catch all the edge cases and make sure that all future releases of Quick Key are tailored to your specific needs as well as the needs of the general public.

So please post away, and as often as possible!

With deep gratitude for your continued support,

The Quick Key Team

November 21, 2014, 04:33:59 PM
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I have noticed...scanning accuracy greatly improved when the answer sheet is has nothing printed on the back of it.
I also noticed that, occasionally it will register a blank answer when in fact the student has just gone outside the lines when coloring in the circle.
A suggestion that I would make is this.  Could there be an option when viewing a student's test answers, to make changes on it, coloring in any blank answers.
This would save me from having to delete the file and rescan or enter the answers manually...when maybe only one or two questions registered as blank, for what ever reason....glare or whatever.