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Product Design & Testing / Re: Quizzes List Design
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:36:01 PM »
Here's my opinion on your questions:
1. I would prefer to see the number of students who have taken the quiz and the average mark for that quiz. Given the size of my smartphone screen, I would prefer to have a link to get more stats on any given quiz/test.
2. I name my quiz/test with a course descriptor in its title so I know which course the quiz/test is assigned to. I can see though that having information on which course each one is assigned to would be useful to some.
3. A limited number of quick stats is more useful given the screen size. Too much information would make the screen cluttered and less readable. A link to greater information on any given quiz/test would be better in my view.

On the topic of information displayed, quiz/test information is valuable from the overall perspective. I would like general stats on that quiz/test only and then perhaps links for more details. If another screen can provide me with the results of all of a particular student's results in every course they are active in, and compare them to the class average, then I have a better idea of the student's performance. That would be a great tool to have in the classroom.

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